Friday, April 10, 2009

"All the Colors of Darkness"

In Peter Robinson's latest novel, the activities of Chief Inspector Alan Banks and DI Annie Cabbott continue. His prior novel, "Friend of the Devil" set the scene.
The story opens with school children finding Mark Hardcastle hung from a tree in the woods near Eastvale. When the police attempt to notify the next of kin, Mark's lover, they discover that person, Laurence Silbert, beaten to death. Silbert was beaten with a baseball bat that had Mark's fingerprints on it.
While Banks speaks to Silbert's mother, he learns that Silbert was a spook. Then, when Banks continues his investigation, a person identifies himself as working for the government, tells him to cease his investigation. We know Banks well enough to see him intimidated and he continues the search for the background of this seemingly murder, suicide. However, with the government pushing against him, Banks has to continue with Annie's help but nothing official from his department.
Hardcastel worked in the local theater and was seen with co-worker, Derek Wyman and when they speak to Wyman they get a feeling that he was setting Hardcastle up, possibly showing him photos of Silbert to make Mark think his lover was two-timing him.
Nothing is as it seems and once again, Robinson tells how to tell a good yarn. The plot has a connection with the play Hardcastle was working on and Wyman directing, "Othello" and they feel Iago's deception in the play may have given Wyman the idea.
Just how will Banks solve this mystery when so many things are against him. How much integrity must a man have to keep going on the investigation when things happen to him, his girlfriend and the other characters?
The novel keeps the reader's interest and it is another credit to this well acclaimed author.

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