Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thrilled With Delight

Here's a novel so packed with action and suspense that movie fans who enjoyed Jason Bourne will think they have a new hero.

As other reviewers have noted, there is a combination of Nicholas Cage's "National Treasure" and Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code."

The plot centers on the discovery of the final revelation given to Muhammad. The new words contain a strong rejection of Islimists who embrace violence to meet their objectives.

Scot Horvath, the counter terrorism operative, saves a man earmarked for death in a car bomb. Anthony Nichols was working on the discovered document and the Islimists wanted to stop him.
Finding the missing piece involves obtaining a rare manuscript before it the militant Islimists can get their hands on it and destroy it.

I found the plot both interesting and informative. It gave me an increased understanding of Muslims and the part of their belief where one Muslim is not supposed to harm a fellow Muslim.
Scot Horvath is the heroic character that I enjoy reading, as he eliminates the terrorists who want to harm the United States or their citizens.

Some of the antagonists, however, were rather cardboard figures. The actions of Sheik Mahmood Omar and Abdul Waleed seemed overly convenient and naive. Matthew Dodd was also perplexing with the dichotomy of his being a CIA agent, then converting to Islam and becoming an assassin for the Islimists because of the tragedy to his family. This seemed illogical, as if he would be changing to the very people who caused his misery.

Overall, the story was entertaining.

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