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"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." Victor Hugo

Ex-con Parker Harrison pesters PI Lincoln Perry until Perry agrees to look into a case for him.
Harrison had gotten into a home for paroled murderers run by wealthy Alexandra Cantrell and her husband, Jushua. Harrison feels grateful for the chance that Alexandra gave him. Now, after being missing for twelve years, Joshua's body is found, buried in the woods.
Mrs. Cantrell is the sister of Dominic Sanabria a powerful Mafia figure.
Linc is asked to find what happened to Alexandra. Soon after he begins his search he's visited by Sanabria who tries unsuccessfully, to see who hired him. Later, Ken Merriman, visits Link.
Merriman is a PI who had been hired by Joshua's parents after he went missing twelve years before. Merriman, from Pennsylvania, asks Link if he'd work with him since Linc was a former cop, seemed to have connections with the local police and Link has a certain street sense when dealing with homicides.
Quinn Graham is a police detective in Pennsylvania who is working on the case concerning Joshua's death. He's a stern law enforcement official who demands that Link go through him in any investigation.
As the story progresses, the reader sees the frustration investigators have in working a cold case. Link wasn't anxious to take the case to begin with and with the lack of success and another tragedy, Link puts the case on back burner and goes on with his life. However, something makes him change his mind.
The novel is a good study of man in turmoil and provides an interesting view of how paroled men attempt to adjust to society. The plot is complex, with numerous plot twists to keep the reader guessing about the outcome. There wasn't as much suspense as in the author's "Tonight I Said Goodbye" but maybe it was more factual in the manner in which Private Investigators deal with some of their cases and the misfortunes that can occur.

As a case study in criminology, it was an enjoyable read.

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