Monday, August 9, 2010

"Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble." Ben Franklin

Joe Hunter is a problem solver. As the story opens, he lands in Florida and helps his sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is being threatened by a criminal, nicknamed "Shank." Shank was attempting to intimidate Jenn into giving money that her former husband had stolen.
When Joe removes the threat, Jenn asks him to find his half-brother, John, who left Jenn for a woman named Louise Blake. Although Jenn no longer loves John, she doesn't want harm to come to him, as the father of her children. She feels that John is in grave danger.
John had been dependent on Joe to repay his many gambling debts and when Joe tried to get John to change his ways, the half brothers became estranged.
In the Southwest, a cold-blooded, thrill killer is active. Tubal Cain enjoys killing and then cutting off the victim's thumbs. One day, while on the road, he stops where a car has broken down and is robbed of his prized possession, his knives.
The story describes what Cain and John are doing and Joe's search for his half-brother. It's the brave man against the bandit and John is the pawn.
If the object of a book is to entertain, the author does a good job at it. He also does a good job of setting the scene and permits the reader to get a vivid picture of the action. It would be easy to adopt the story for the screen.
I enjoyed the novel and following Joe's exploits. He is a refreshing new entry in the thriller field. I look forward to more of the author's work.

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