Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The sky is no less blue because the blind man doesn't see it." Danish Proverb

This is the story of the relationship between two brothers.
In his younger days, Edward admired his adventurous, dare devil brother, Lawrence, who was six years older that he.
Years pass by, Lawrence leaves home and hasn't been seen by Edward for fifteen years. Then, like a Prodigal brother, he shows up at Edward's home, unannounced and in need of food and clothing.
Edward has become a wealthy eye surgeon in California while Lawrence is an out of work card dealer in Nevada.
Initially, the reader doesn't know the reason for Lawrence coming to his brother's home. It seems as if he might want to re-establish a relationship with Edward.
Lawrence does win over Edward's five-year-old son Jonathan's affection. Lawrence acts insanely with Jonathan flopping on the floor and making monkey noises while on an outing at the local zoo. Jonathan may enjoy this but Edward is skeptical.
Then, in a revealing moment, Lawrence asks if he can stay with Edward for a while. Callously, Edward refuses. He gives him some money and drives him to the bus station.
The story goes on and Edward narrates his earlier days with Lawrence.
Nothing really happens in this novel. Edward is a passive, sermonizing character with little to like. Lawrence is a Machiavellian, out for whatever thrill he can get.
The novel has had mixed reviews and I continued to read, expecting the story to improve. It didn't. Cardboard characters, uninteresting plot and a novel without a message. Need I say more?
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