Saturday, January 1, 2011

"The test of civilization is the estimate of a woman. Among savages she is a slave." George W. Curtis

When dealing with ex-mercenary, Chon, it's helpful to understand that he likes pain. A former SEAL who had been back to Afghanistan two times. He and his partner Ben have a marijuana operation that is very successful. Chon's feeling is that dope creates balance in a person's life.

Chon and Ben are informed that the Mexican Baja Cartel intends to control all of the marijuana activity in Laguna Beach and elsewhere in Southern Cal. They will not allow any competition. However, they want Chon and Ben to stay in business and sell their marijuana to them. Then the Cartel will make most of the profit. The Cartel is also in the business of providing people for other enterprises like the sex markets and is now entering the kidnapping business.

When representatives of the Cartel approach Chon and Ben to make their demands, Chon and Ben tell them no. Actually, they have made enough money and would like to do something else with their lives. They know that the Cartel can be brutal and don't stop at torture and murder so they offer the Cartel their entire business.

The Cartel's leader tells them that they don't have a choice. Their business wouldn't be as lucrative without them managing it. Then, to show them that they mean business, they kidnap Ophelia "O" who is their playmate. The Cartel demands a ransom and three years of required cooperation in order to get her back.

This was the wrong move and set Ben and Chon on a plan to rob the Cartel and disrupt their business, then take other steps that will make the Cartel preoccupied, when that happens, they plan to rescue O.

The story provides a quick read. Chon and Ben are good characters, rebels against authority and witty in their responses with Chon being the rambunctious one and Ben the voice of reason.

A film adaptation of "Savages" to be directed by Oliver Stone is under way. I can't wait.
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