Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Sometimes I"m frightened but I'm ready to learn, of the power of love." Song lyrics

Michael Lister is a chaplain with the Florida Dept. of Corrections. He spins a disquieting story of the corruption, sexual activity, drug dealing and violence inside a Florida correctional facility.

In the opening scene, Jordan witnesses a prisoner who is killed. It appears that the prisoner was attempting to escape.

Superintendent Edward Stone considers Jordan's law background and position of trust in the facility and orders him to assist in the investigation of the killing. He is to work with Tom Daniels, the I.G. Daniels is an arrogant and condescending official who displays dislike for Jordan's meddling.

Chaplain Jordan treats the inmates fairly and does get information about one prison official who works on the evening shift. This person sees the prison as his own domain and treats prisoners and their spouses in contempt.

While the investigation is under way, we learn of the personal side of the minister as he discusses his alcoholic past and failed marriage. He seems to have put this behind him as he begins to date a young woman from the town.

When complications arise and Jordan is falsely accused of certain crimes, the story becomes a testament to his faith. As in the Biblical story of Job, the pain and suffering that this good man endures, almost makes him despair, but his inner strength and faith, saves him.

This is a story of a man overcoming his past and attempting to improve life for others. It deserves a wide audience. The author uses his personal experiences in the correctional facility to create a realistic and enjoyable story.


Mary said...

Nice review. Sounds like an interesting story.

Zibilee said...

I also just finished a book about men in a correctional facility, and though I enjoyed it, I was surprised at how gruesome and violent it was. I am actually really pleased to see this review, because I have been looking for a book that deals with some of the same subjects as a sort of counterpoint to the one that I read. This one sounds like it might be promising, and I thank you for your excellent review!

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