Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Music was my last refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness." Maya Angelou

Dewey Andreas, former Seal and Delta, receives a message to meet Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Mier, in New York. Dewey owes a debt to Mier for saving Dewey's life. Mier's Special Forces unit rescued Dewey from a previous mission when Dewey was betrayed and turned over to the terrorists.

When Dewey arrives in New York, he learns that Mier was kidnapped by Iranians. Mier's rescue of Dewey gave Iran a black eye and gained their hatred. Now they have taken him to Evin Prison in Iran. He will likely be tortured, face a mock trial and publicly executed.

In the meanwhile, a new President, Dellenbaugh, is sworn in after his predecessor died of a heart attack. Iran is offering to meet the United States to discuss peace but Israeli intelligence informs the U.S. authorities that Iran has a Nuke ready to strike Israel. It's hidden in a deep cave and seems invulnerable. Dellenbaugh's inclination is to attend the peace conference but his advisers tell him it will be a farce and Iranian officials are lying.

The situation seems impossible. Meir is in Iran's most protected prison and is sentenced to die but Dewey can't let that happen and the United States government can't be seen to support Dewey's actions so he must turn elsewhere in attempt to free his friend and somehow come up with a means that won't allow the Nuclear bomb to be unleashed.

This is one of the most tense stories I've read this year. Action and suspense on every page.  There is also good character development as we see what is going on with character's lives outside of the scope of the story. In this manner, the pacing of the novel is well done and we get to see what is going on with the governments of Iran, Israel and the United States.

The story seems well researched and the plot is highly entertaining.

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