Thursday, June 6, 2013

This will point thriller fans in the right direction


John Knox is a field operator for Rutherford Risk. One influence in accepting various risk assignments is the income they provide, which John needs for the support for his disabled brother.

The novel is complex, as the team of three, Knox, David Dulwich, and Grace Chen take on an assignment to dismantle an operation and rescue young girls forced into unfair labor situations in Amsterdam and having some of the girls sold into prostitution.

Knox leads the team and we observe his generous nature toward providing for his brother but wanting to do what is right. He also recalls an action during the Iraq war where he dragged Dulwich from his flame ripped truck to safety. He and David have continued as friends besides often taking on assignments together.

The third member of the group is Grace Chen, former forensic accountant and a smart, beautiful woman, trained by the Chinese military and someone who believes in the missions that Knox takes on and wants to be part of the group helping with various situations.

The plot takes the reader to the poverty stricken areas of Amsterdam and the vendor stalls where it appears that some of the families having children in forced labor feel that this might be all that is keeping their children alive.

I received this book for free with the idea of writing an impartial review and was happy to learn more about the important topics of forced labor and child prostitution. It was also an eye opener thinking of these young girls in Amsterdam and the situations surrounding them that would make stories like this a possibility.

The author did a good job in describing the action and the characters.

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Man of la Book said...

Looks like a good read Mike. Hope you're doing well.

Michael Draper said...

Hi Man of la Book,
I'm doing ok, I'm in a clinical trial and it seems to be taking its time before moving into a helpful mode.
Thanks for asking.

PS Did you notice that I just made this a giveaway?

skkorman said...

Hi, Mike—thanks for another great giveaway (GFC follower—skkorman)! Sending good thoughts your way to kick that clinical trial into a VERY helpful mode—keep fighting!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

skkorman said...

Sorry, forgot to write that Steps 1 & 2 have been completed!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Michael Draper said...

Best wishes to skkorman as winner.

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