Monday, April 14, 2014

All day all night, Mary Anne, down by the sea side sifting sand

In this novel, Alistair Burke has given her readers a gripping novel that is well constructed and a plot that flows like a river.

Helen Brunswick is a psychotherapist who is murdered in her New York office. The killer then breaks her bones and sends police a note, since this is the same mo as a killer in jail for a serial killing, 20 years ago, they have the wrong killer in jail.

NYPD assigns detectives Ellie Hatcher and her partner JJ Rogan to give the case a fresh look. Since many of the killings happened in Utica, NY they have to work with the Utica PD. However, the serial killer, Anthony Amaro, was convicted for only one killing, that of Donna Bland and this killing was in New York City. While they are investigating the murders from the past, there is a parallel investigation on Helen Brunswick's murder.

Amaro learns of the new killing and appeals to have his conviction overturned. He works with an attorney famous for getting convicts released and Carrie Bland, an attorney, goes to work for her. Carrie is the sister of Donna Bland, the victim. Carrie thinks that if Amaro was innocent, by working on the Amrao case, she might find the real killer.

It is interesting to see the justice system at work. When new evidence shows DNA that doesn't match Amaro, a major plot turn of events occurs. We learn of Amaro's past and what it means to Hatcher and Rogan to make sure Amaro isn't allowed to go free, since they believe he is the serial killer.

The two fold crime mystery is a solid read. The portrait of Carrie Bland working for the release of a man who was convicted for killing her sister, is something that will capture the reader's heart. There is also a good description of the investigatory process and investigating crimes committed in New York City and upstate New York and how they are handled with the different agencies looking for the killer.

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Tracy Terry said...

Oh my goodness this does sound good though I'm a bit worried it may be a little too dark for me.

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