Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jack Reacher in action

Jack Reacher is doing his thing, traveling around the country without a steady job, living each day as it comes.

He's contacted by a high ranking military officer from his past who needs his help.

Someone has shot at the president of France. The shot hit the glass in front of the president but didn't wound him. The officials triangulate the direction from where the shot was fired and observe that it was three quarters of a mile from the president.

Only a few snipers have the ability to hit a target from that distance. Since Reacher is a noted sniper, he's asked to help identify the shooter. In addition, a sniper who Reacher arrested when he was a military policeman has just been released from Leavenworth and has disappeared. This man could have a grudge against Reacher and so Reacher is asked to check him out. In addition, there is an upcoming G8 summit scheduled in France and if the sniper was using his shot at the French president as a warm up, the results could be catastrophic.

Reacher works with a bright young operative, Casey Nice. She's a rookie analyst who needs her Zoloft to calm her nerves and help her sleep. Reacher must rely on her assistance and act as a substance counselor.

Lee Child always writes exciting action fiction and this book hits the mark. The author shows Reacher eliminating the possible suspects and when he discovers that the shooter has allied with a London gang, Reacher goes into action.

Somewhat of a formula novel but still exciting.


skkorman said...

Thanks for the review, Mike—Lee Child never disappoints! I came very late to his books but now I crave them!

Be well!
Sheila K.

Michael Draper said...

Isn't it funny that Tom Cruise bought the rights to a number of Lee Child's novels and plays Jack Reacher in the film "Reacher" how tall is Tom Cruise?

skkorman said...

Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher, not even on his best day! My sister and I both are horrified even by the thought of Cruise playing our Jack Reacher! Ugh!

Sheila K.

Kelly said...

My husband has read and thoroughly enjoyed several of the Jack Reacher books (after seeing the movie!)

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