Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"It's not the flying that's hard, it's the landing." saying

Welcome to the world of brain injured Nicky Frank. Her car sails off the road and crashes into a ravine. Then she clamors out of the car, surrounded by broken glass and the smell of Glenlivet Scotch. Nicky reaches the highway and when help arrives, all she can think of is 'Where's Viro?"

Nicky's story is the center of the book. It's packed with as many surprises as a carton of Crackerjax. The first bombshell comes when police Sergeant Wyatt Foster and Detective Kevin Santos attempt to question Nicky's husband Thomas. When they ask about his child, Vero, Thomas laughs and tells them that they have no children. He adds that Nicky has had a number of brain injuries and as a result, her memory is unsound and she often gets mixed up.

Sgt. Foster has been in a relationship with Tessa Leoni who works with Northridge Investigations.  Foster learns that Nicky has contacted them to help find a woman who was a key to her past. They also begin to doubt the veracity of Thomas's responses to their questions.

The story's pacing is excellent as, with Wyatt and Kevin help her remember things from her past. Tessa also helps and becomes an advocate for Nicky. It is during this time that Thomas disappears.

Nicky is determined to learn about her past while dealing with her traumatic brain injury.

The fast moving psychological thriller will keep the reader going while trying to discover what really happened in Nicky's past and the real story behind Nicky and Thomas's relationship.

With a contemporary theme of dealing with traumatic brain injuries, the reader learns how hard it is to deal with this invisible malady and empathy builds for those attempting to cope with it.


skkorman said...

Thanks for the review, Mike—Gardner is another one of my "must-read" writers!

Sheila K.

Michael Draper said...

Sheila; Lisa Gardner is one of my favorites too. She was actually my mentor in writing my first book, "Splattered Blood."

skkorman said...

WOW—that is incredibly cool, Mike! What a great mentor to have!

Sheila K.

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