Friday, May 29, 2015

Devil or Angel, whoever you are

In "Devil's Harbor," we learn of Nick Finn, a Marine Interdiction Agent for Customs and Border Protection.

Nick and his partner (who is Nick's brother-in-law) Diego Jimenez track a phantom boat off the Los Angeles coast. However the boat disappears before they can reach it. However, they do come across a floater that had lost parts of the floater's body to sharks.

Not long after the above events, they see a suspicious boat that refuses their order to stop. When they catch the boat, a gunfight erupts and Nick kills the shooter in self defense.

Things begin going badly for Nick after this shooting, Nick's wife, Mona, a top notch attorney asks Nick to see a counselor about the shooting but he refuses and takes solace in alcohol.  Mona helps him in the beginning but can't reason with him about the alcohol so moves out of the house.

As people begin doubting Nick, drinking becomes his crutch. When another person close to him is killed, Nick has a mountain of guilt and decides to continue searching for the killer by himself.

He looks into the boat that had been connected to the floater. The captain is Linda Blake. Through circumstances, Nick is forced to work with Linda and they travel to Mexico where Linda adds another element to the story.

There are many twists to the plot and it becomes a cat and mouse story with mounting suspense.

The last segment of the story is powerful but there were too many villains and Nick's spiritual awakening was long in coming.

3 1/2 stars moving to 4 for powerful conclusion.

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