Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Angel's Tip" entertaining read

This is the second book involving Ellie Hatcher who made her debut in "Dead Evidence."
Ellie is jogging when she comes upon the body of a young woman, Chelsea Hart, a college student who had come to Manhattan for her college break.
Ellie investigates the manner in which the killer mutilated Chelsea's face and hacked off her long blond hair. However, Ellie is new to the NYPD homicide unit and her views aren't given much credence.
Chelsea's friends tell the police that the three of them had been drinking in one of the trendy bars in New York. When the police investigate the other patrons, they center their case on Jake Meyers, a young hedge fund manager who had been seen with Chelsea the night of her murder. There is also evidence that he had sexual relations with her. When the police concentrate on this suspect, another man confesses. The DA and police think the case is wrapped up but Ellie disagrees.
During the investigation, a call comes in from the tip line that a victim named Robbie Harrington, was also strangled in 2000 and her hair was hacked off. Robbie also had been drinking in one of New York's trendy bars.
Doing research on her own, Ellie finds two more victims who had been strangled and had other similar things in their murders. Ellie's commanding officer doesn't believe her.
When Robbie's sister brings out some points about her murder that were not in the file, Ellie learns that her commander, Lieutenant Dan Eckels was the lead investigator of that case and she is concerned.
Ellie is dating a news reporter and aspects of the case get into print making Ellie look like she is leaking aspects of the case to the media and getting in trouble with her superiors because of it.
Now another victim is discovered with the initials EH carved onto her forehead and Ellie convinces her superiors that the killer is after her.
With the knowledge of Ellie's past and the manner in which the evidence shows that there must be someone with inside knowledge, Ellie, the DA and her partner consider if the killer could be a policeman?
The suspense in finding the killer and Ellie's relationship with her news reporter boyfriend, Peter, carries the story.
Could the killer be her partner?
Another aspect of the story is the effect of the death of the women on their families and this is well done.
Burke has spun a nice story which is easy to read and engrossing.

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