Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Extreme Measures" by Vince Flynn

BULLETIN...do not pick up this book unless you can spend the next three days glued to its pages as you follow the thrilling action to its conclusion!

Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash are counterterroism experts. The CIA has stopped two terrorism cells before they could act against the USA.

However, a captured terrorist reveals that there is a third cell about to strike but before Rapp and Nash can get the details from the prisoner they are stopped by congressional do gooders who object to their interrogation techniques.

When Rapp tries again to get the prisoner to talk an Air Force Captain alerts the base commander that Rapp is not following the congressional committee's orders. Mitch confronts the officer and when the officer tries to arrest Mitch, he strikes him.

The captain complains to the congressional committee which is about to meet and discuss these tactics. They are considering arrest of Mitch for his disregard for law when going after the terrorists.

Mitch doesn't care what the politicians think. Ever since the terrorists killed his wife and new born child, Mitch has made it a point to fight terrorism at all costs.

Vince Flynn's writing explodes across the pages of this thriller in a breathtaking manner. It is almost as if the entire season of "24" were wrapped up in one heck of a story. Chapters rotate between what Mitch and Mike are doing and the terrorists, who are led by a Saudi Arabian named Karin Nour-Al-Din.

There are intelligent pauses in the action as we learn more about the characters and one segment where Mike's son gets in trouble for fighting and we learn that he was defending his sister's and his mother's honor was extremely well done.

Highly recommended.

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