Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Dawn Patrol" Don Winslow

Take the perfect climate in San Diego, put in a former cop turned PI who has a love to surf, mix in an attractive attorney who wants to hire him to find and protect a star witness and you have the ingredients of this dandy novel.

Boone Daniels is the main character and he is so good that he is almost a caricature of "Goodness." It began with his days as a policemen when he saved a prisoner from a beating by another cop in order to force information from the prisoner. Then, after he left the police department, while surfing, he saved a child lost in the surf, and at another time he persuaded a money loving woman not to seek a divorce settlement from one of his friends. All these things were done while Boone stayed humble, not caring about money, he took no real monetary reward for his good deeds.

Boone is a legendary figure to his fellow surfers and Winslow has fun with the character's names. We encounter Hang Twelve, High Tide and others nicknamed for their surfing or extra curricular activities such as Dave the love boat.

Dan Silver, aka Daniel Silvieri, a strip club owner has set fire to one of his warehouses. He wants to collect the insurance but the insurance company has evidence that the fire was set and they refuse to pay. Silver sues the insurance company and Tammy Roddick, a former girlfriend of Silver was the witness that Boone is to protect. Tammy saw Silver set the fire and is supposed to testify at his trial.

Boone protects Tammy but something happens at the trial with a wonderful change in direction of the author. Now we find that there is much more going on than just arson. Without revealing the plot, this is a dramatic change that is heart catching.

Tammy found something that was being hidden from the public and wants to do something to remedy this injustice.

One of Tammy's friends gets killed and Danny must use his skill to make things right. The way Danny goes about his task is a joy to read.

Don Winslow can take credit for another superb novel full of plot twists drawn together like a skilled grandmother knitting a quilt for a newborn grandchild.

Well Done!

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