Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Enemies and Playmates"

What happens to the abuser when his victim fights back?

Lauren Covington is a 23 year old student and newspaper employee. She seems happy when with friends but at home she's under the thumb of her father, Alex. a domineering, control freak who physically and verbally abuses his family.

She meets her knight in shining armor, Jesse Ryder, a private investigator and the two immediately are attracted to each other. Jesse had been doing some work for Lauren's father but when Alex asked him to manufacture some evidence and frame an innocent man, Jesse quits.

Lauren keeps control of her emotions and smooths things at home but her brother can't take Alex's abuse and takes a quantity of drugs to escape and overdoses. Lauren can't help but tell Jesse of the abuse and her father's affairs.

Darcia Helle tells an enticing story. This novel has an important message and should be made available at women's shelters where they attempt to help abused women.

The story is well told and Jesse is a likable character and believable. Lauren and her mother are somewhat meek but perhaps that is a trait of abused women. Lauren does become stronger as the story progresses.

Helle tells this reviewer that she has been influenced by Tami Hoag, John Sanford and Janet Evanovich but in Lauren's resolve, I detect influence of Sue Grafton.

There is a good resolution and the reader feels that a lesson has been learned. Copies can be found at the author's web www.QuietFuryBooks.com or at Amazon by listing the book title and indicating "paperback copy.


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