Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take a heart medicine pill and open this book

Joe Ledger is a detective in the Baltimore PD. He goes on a raid against a terrorist cell and there is a shoot out with some terrorists getting killed.
Joe is recruited by a super secret organization called the DMS Dept of Military Science. They bring him to an office where he's asked to confront a man in the interview room. When he does, the man attacks him and Joe recognizes one of the terrorists that he just killed.
The terrorists have devised something that makes the person killed turn into a zombie like figure and attack anyone nearby. Their bite then infects the new person causing them to also become an undead zombie type. The DMS calls these people Dead Men Walking or Walkers.
In Afghanistan, Sebastian Gault is selling bio technical information to the terrorists. He owns a pharmaceutical company and believes that once the infection spreads in America they will need the pharmaceutical companies to come up with an antidote and he'll make billions.
At the DMS the person in charge is Mr. Church. He tells Joe that two of his response teams have been killed by these walkers who got into a hospital and started killing everyone there. When the teams arrived they were taken unaware and infected. Now Joe must form a new team to combat the terrorist plot.
How Joe does this is told with great suspense. Joe is an excellent lead character. He forms a friendship with Brit. Maj Grace Courtland and a romance ensues. The story is well told, the reader must have an interest in horror as well as mystery but once you start it, it is very difficult to put down.
Highly Recommended.

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