Thursday, September 3, 2009

The forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.

In "A Circle of Souls" a paranormal thriller by Preetham Grandhi, a ten year old child, Janet Troy, takes a shortcut home and is overcome and murdered.

Elsewhere, Naya Hastings, a seven year old, normally happy child is brought into the psych ward after having severe nightmares. She was found on her balcony where her mother believed she was planning to jump, believing that she could fly.

Since Janet's schoolbag was found in her neighbor, Presidential Candidate Thomas Bailey's property, Lisa Bines, an FBI agent with the CAC (Crimes Against Children) team is called in.

In the psych ward, Dr. Peter Graham is attending Naya. He is also fighting with her insurance coverage and is given only three days of testing before she must be released.

Det. Jose Rodriguez of the Newberry PD picks Leia up at the airport and while driving back to Newberry they're notified that Janet's body has been found. When they arrive at the scene they are horrified to find that Janet has been dismembered. Her head is at Elephant Rock and the other body parts are placed as if they represent a stick figure.

That night, Janet appears in Naya's dream. She tells Naya about her death and asks for her help. The next morning, Naya draws a picture if Janet's body at Elephant Rock and shows it to Peter. He is astounded and in disbelief.

Peter knows the area and goes to Elephant Rock to investigate. Leia is also there and at first she thinks Peter is the murderer but then spots someone running away through the woods and tries to follow.

We learn that the slaaf, (slave) had sacrificed Janet to appease Anansi (a figure from a folklore story in Jamaica). The slaaf's father had warned his son abut Anansi and made him afraid. Constantly fearing this spirit, another fortune teller told him he could cut up another animal in such a way that the Anansi would believe that it was him.

Scenes from this story are described in a literary, suspenseful manner. The author, Preetham Grandhi, was born in India, influenced by Alistari MacLean, and being an MD, he gives a realistic view of the hospital atmosphere.

Peter is an interesting character and what is found about him is truly startling. There is almost a connection to TV's "Ghost Whisperer" where a character can communicate with the earthbound spirits of the dead who are seeking help.

Little Naya is a precious, terrific character who lightens up the story.

Well done and recommended.

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Nice summary. I have heard good things about this book!

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