Sunday, September 20, 2009

Read the books in this series in order.

This is the fifteenth novel with the Troubleshooters, Inc. To the author's credit, it has become an immediate bestseller.
Alyssa Locke is a former Naval officer and FBI agent. She is the team leader for the nation's leading personal security company, Troubleshooters, Inc.
She's contacted to give a course in public safety to newly elected New York congresswoman, Maria Bonavita. The woman has had a number of threats against her.
Alyssa and her team, made up of former navy SEALs travel to New York and set up security around the congresswoman.
At the same time, the reader is given privy to the thoughts of a killer only known as The Dentist. Alyssa has hunted this man for a long time. Now his latest kill has been ruined and he wants to give himself up. He sees Alyssa enter a Starbucks and feels he can only surrender to her. However, when he enters the store, she is talking to someone else and The Dentist's moment is spoiled. It was so close, the last victim's body is still in the trunk of his car. However, now he feels that he has been given permission to kill again. He selects Alyssa as his next target.
Since the novel is the fifteenth book with this group of characters, the author must assume that the reader is familiar with the character's backgrounds. In this case, this novel is the first time I have read of the Troubleshooters. That being said, the characters do not have any real character development and come across stereotypical.
In addition, I felt that the antagonist's near invincibility until the end of the story was a reach. With the many SEALs and the New York police department after him, he goes on his hunt as if he didn't have a care in the world. Implausible.
I'm sure that the readers of previous books in this series would have a different opinion.

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