Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Fidelity. A virtue peculiar to those about to be betrayed." Ambrose Bierce

Sydney Chapin learns that her elder sister, a journalist, has been murdered. There are marks of torture indicating that the killer was after information.

Sydney had borrowed her sister's laptop computer and traces her sister's last searches. She learns that her sister was doing a story about a mental institution for children and the abuses that occurred there prior to the 1960s.

In a well plotted story with appealing and believable characters, the reader stays interested in finding out how the story develops.
What was Sydney's sister doing that caused her death?
Could the police fight through the political implications to find a killer among the wealthy and influential in Washington, D.C.?
What were the risks that Sydney would be taking in attempting to find her sister's killer?

Detective Sergeant Darius Train and Detective Jack Cassain are assigned to the case. Sydney and Cassain eventually work together in the hunt for the killer in this well written, fun story.

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