Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Let us cross over the river and rest under the trees." Stonewall Jackson

Milo "Meat" Pitts is released from prison with a dream of hitting the big score. His wife, Starla Hudek, works at Fleets grocery store. Although Meat hasn't had much to do with Starla in recent times, they are still technically married.
His scheme is to get insider information about the security from Starla and steal the cash from the Fleet grocery store when the armored car arrives to pick up the cash receipts.
Milo's planner is Doc Kasperson, a schemer who has a current business of selling a hair restoration program. Also involved is Milo's former cellmate, Ducky, an unimaginative bumbler.
Mitchell Morse, a former Detroit cop full of unleashed anger, was fired from his last job and applies for a security position with Fleets. In his former job, he met recent college grad Jean Satterfield. He was assigned to train her. There's an incident involving a striker and Mitch overreacts and is fired. The savagery with which Mitch fought with a striker appears to have made Jean become attracted to him.
With a group of characters who would do Elmore Leonard proud, Milo and his group begin their plot.
Doc Kasperson is supposed to be a man who knows how to go about setting up an armed robbery. His job is to set things up but he procrastinates. He tells Milo that he needs more information. Then, Starla states that she has met a new security officer, Mitch, and she thinks she could persuade him to join the gang in their plot.
One thing goes wrong after another as the story progresses with halarious results. Dock Kasperson is busy with his hair restoration client, Doyle Gilley. Doc tells the gullible Gilley that to grow hair on the top of his head, the rest of his body must be cleansed. Gilley is given a regiment of enema treatments. His girlfriend's reaction to finding Gilley in the bathroom giving himself an enema is priceless. His girlfriend, Twyla, tells Doyle that her father's remedy for baldness was to go shoeless because "...shoes and socks stopped off the natural electricity from the earth."
A well done story that had me laughing out loud. Mitch was a complicated character who changed pleasantly as the story developed. The writing was clear and the dialogue was superbly done.

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