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"Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness." Betrand Russell

Former hot-shot, Washington, D.C. cop, Mason "Mace" Perry gets out of prison after being kidnapped, drugged and set up.
Returning to Washington, where her sister, Beth, is the Chief of Police, Mace wants nothing more than to clear her name and go back to what she loves, being a cop. However, she knows that she can't do anything official. She does know that one way that could get her back is if she solves a big case.
She meets Roy Kingman when he discovered a body at his office and is interviewed by police. They become friends and unofficially work together to discover who raped and killed the attorney Roy worked with.
The next development is when U.S. Attorney, Jamie Meldon's body is found. Beth Perry and her staff and the FBI arrive at the scene and are ordered off by higher authorities.
Mace overhears her sister talk with acting Chief District Attorney Mora Danforth, who prosecuted Mace for her crime and maintains a strong dislike to Mace and to Beth. Mace knows that Mora would love to see her fail so she could send Mace back to prison.
While Beth tries to see who had the investigation into Meldon's death stalled, she calls on Sam Donnelly, the nation's director of intelligence. Sam and his right hand man, Jarvus Burns are understanding of Beth's frustrations and promise to help.
The action is strong and constant in this thriller. There are so many offshoots to the story that it would have made an excellent serial on TV or in the theater. Excellent visual scenes include Mace's daredevil motorcycle riding and former college basketball star, Roy Kingman's challenging a drug dealer to a game of one-on-one basketball for his and Mace's life, this was a bit of a stretch but still, very entertaining.
Mace is a particularly entertaining character and one that readers could definitely sympathise with. The plot was well conceived and believable and the author kept the reader guessing as to a possible outcome up to the last pages.
Highly recommended.


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