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"All they are is dust in the wind." Song lyrics


"Dust to Dust," immediately catches the reader's attention and holds it like an iron grip, as the action unfolds with the forces of good are pitted against an evil that could destroy the world.

Scott Bryant is a regular guy who could be your next door neighbor. He's out on the town with a couple of friends. They come upon an elderly couple who are being attacked by a gang. Scott and his friends decide to involve themselves to save the couple. In the heat of the battle, the old man notices him and announces that Scott is Capricorn. With that pronouncement, Scott felt a tremendous serge of power come over him and he led the attack against the gang.

Later, Scott has a dream of the Oracle and sees another, like himself, heading toward the Oracle. This Oracle is a saving place that had a meaning which Scott couldn't yet understand. However, there were many skeletons that seemed to be coming to life with evil intent.

Melanie Regan is another character beginning to have talents and power that she didn't know she had. When an earthquake strikes L.A., a group of robbers attempt to steal items from a jewelry store and assault the young clerk who works there. As with Scott, Melanie shows her heroism and chooses to intervene without regard to her own safety. Suddenly, Scott is by her side and they work together to overcome the robbers and save the clerk.

Heather Graham has a talent for making things seem possible and there is something about the bravery of these characters that is refreshing and makes the reader wish them success with their challenge.

While they are helping others, we become aware of sinister forces that are forecast in the form of these skeletons that are coming to life and darkness is threatening.

Told in a manner that reminded me of Stephen King's "The Stand," Scott and Melanie follow a spiritual summons to Rome to Sister Maria Elizabeth. Sister Maria Elizabeth is similar to Mother Abigail in "The Stand," who is an elderly woman and the leader of the good survivors.

Both Mother Abigail and Sister Maria Elizabeth are beacons to others and they tell the characters that after others arrive, the battle for earth will begin.

Heather Graham's work is always entertaining. The characters are realistic and well described. The plot of "Dust to Dust," is clever and believable.

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