Monday, July 25, 2011

"Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall...glorify the hunter." African proverb

Kim Baldwin's "Hunter's Pursuit" introduces a female character in a world normally populated by men. Surprisingly, this woman has the ability to do anything her male counterparts can do, and in many cases, she does it better.

Kat "Ktarzyna Demetrious, is known as Hunter. She's a confident woman who takes command in any situation that develops and works as a freelance bounty hunter and assassin. She also possesses exceptional instincts for survival.

Kat has been considering retiring and as the story unfolds, she lives in a bunker cut into a hillside in a wilderness area in northern Michigan.

She notices a car going too fast in the snow. When the car skids off the road and the driver is unconscious, Kat brings the injured woman into her home, fearing that if Kat left her, the woman would freeze to death before help arrived.

Later, when Kat turns her computer on, she learns that there is a million dollar bounty on her
head. There are two takers, one is Kat's acquaintance, Otter, and the other is a woman.

When the injured woman awakens, she can't remember her name and tells Kat to call her Jake. Even though Kat has concern that Jake might be the woman hunter, Kat feels drawn to her.

Other assassins are on Hunter's trail and as she avoids these would be killers, she wonders if the woman she saved and who she has become attracted to, could be the person that she should fear the most.

This is a different kind of action story with the two women developing feelings toward each other. The characterization is strong and Hunter and Jake are very likable characters who the reader enjoys learning their story and wishing for their success.

In addition, the wilderness area in northern Michigan is well described and the cold and storm that exists outside of Kat's hide away is a good juxtaposition to the warmth inside with the cozy atmosphere that Kat built into her home and the warm feelings of the characters toward each other.


Zibilee said...

This does sound like an unusual book with a slightly different angle than most. I thank you for your insight on it, and think that I might have to check it out sometime. Great review, by the way!

neer said...

I don't normally read such books but your review makes me feel like picking it up.

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