Friday, October 14, 2011

"She's my little deuce coupe...she blows em out of the water..."

In a thriller so realistic that the events could have been taken from a futuristic newspaper reporting a doomsday scenario.

Omar El-Khayali, a radical cleric has been elected president of Pakistan benefiting from millions of dollars from militant Aswan Fortuna. Fortuna hopes that with his puppet in Pakistan and the radical President of Iran, the countries would work together to strike against Israel or the U.S.

Dewey Andreas, last seen in "Down Under" is in Australia wanting a normal life after killing Fortuna's son. Now there are teams of killers looking for Dewey to pay him back for stopping their terrorist plot.

In the land between India and Pakistan a minor incident between two Pakistanian soldiers and the residents of a small village quickly escalates into a conflict with India.

The situation quickly spirals out of control as India seems more than ready and willing to respond to a Pakistanian attack.

U.S. fears that if India retaliated with their nuclear weapons, they could obliterate Pakistan but then China would enter the battle and the U.S. would have to step in and defend their ally, India.

There seems no viable solution until one of the straticians recommends a Coup D'Etat and Dewey is selected to carry it out with a small team of associates.

There is mounting suspense as Dewey and his men take the steps to carry out the plan. The successor must be selected and convinced of the merits of action to save his country, other militants must be taken care of and Dewey and his unit has one narrow escape after another.

This exciting story had me leaving other tasks to return to the book again and again to see how the story was progressing and how Dewey could enact his plan while fighting off the militants. There is a glitch in the action and Dewey needs outside help to complete the assignment and hope to return to a normal life.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Coup D'Etat" and highly recommend it to those looking for a nonstop drama with a heroic character who the reader will sympathise with and admire for his skill and determination.


Mary said...

While this probably isn't mind type of book is sounds right up my husband's alley and he is always asking me to find new books for him.

mike draper said...

Thanks Mary, I enjoyed the book and it certainly kept me interested as the plot zoomed along.


Wow, this one sounds great! Could almost be "ripped from the headlines" with the way the Middle East is today. Great Review! It's so hard to review books with so much action without giving away the plot-you do a great job and I think I might pick this one up! And the one before it!


mike draper said...

Thank you for your nice compliment.
I appreciate it.

Heather said...

this book wouldn't work for me, but perfect for my dad. Thanks for sharing.

Harvee said...

Looks like a good political thriller!
Book Dilettante

Donna said...

Sounds like a good book. Great review! Thanks. Donna

Denise Z said...

I enjoyed your review of this book, although I do not think it quite grabs me in the way some of the others due. Thank you for sharing today about another interesting read.

mike draper said...

Thanks to Heather P, Harvee, Donna and Denise for your kind words about my review.

Connie said...

Hi! I have done step B. I am a shelfari follower as well. Keep up on the great giveaways! :) Book sounds great!

Holly said...

Sounds like a great read!

GFC follower-Holly

Indicated yes on your review.


Small Footprints said...

This isn't the typical kind of book that I pick up but ... I really respect your opinion and reviews so I would definitely give it a read. I'm a GFC follower, I've voted "yes" on your review and left a comment (by Cynthia Hall). Thanks, as always, for this opportunity!
reducefootprints at gmail dot com

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Seems like this book has all the qualities to make up an exciting story. -laura

Patricia said...

Now this sounds like a very good book! Thanks for the review, Mike.

I did 'Like' your post on Amazon, and would appreciate being part of this Giveaway. I can feel good luck in my bones!!

madley (AT) cogeco (DOT) ca

Thanks, Mike!

mike draper said...

Best wishes to Patricia for winning this book. She was correct when she had a feeling about winning.

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