Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"A sword is never a killer. It's a tool in the killer's hands" Seneca

Every now and then an author creates a book that is truly unique and causes the reader to think about what is being said.

John Hunter is released from prison after serving sixteen years for a murder he didn't commit. He's had plenty of time to plan his revenge for the people who framed him and get some overdue payback.

Bill Moore is a real estate agent in Florida. He's successful and loves his wife but wants more. One day he notices an email with the word "modified on it.

He doesn't think anything about it but soon a series of things happen. Suggestive photos of a co-worker appears on his computer and his wife sees it and accuses him of taking the photos. An appointment with an important client ends with the client not showing up and the man's secretary denies making the appointment. Then he becomes a suspect when a man goes missing.

Michael Marshall has written an intelligent novel that is a puzzle that must be solved.

It takes a while before we find a connection between John Hunter, the missing man, and Bill Moore.

The action moves along at a breakneck pace that seduces the reader and yet, nothing is as it seems.

The author brings up a good point about greed in society and the goal to get ahead at all costs. The dialogue is right on. Only the two main characters are well developed, the others are not much more than names. The plot is complicated and unpredictable and yet it's still unimaginably addictive.


The Loopy Librarian said...

I love books with a puzzle and fast-paced plot. Please enter me in the drawing. I marked your review yes on Amazon.

allisonmoyer (at) yahoo (dot) com

Johanna said...

ooooh this one sounds interesting. As always, count me in.

catslady said...

I went to Amazon and replied yes to your review which was good. I'm happy that I can again see your blog!


Heather said...

YOu have me interested in this one. I visited Amazon and marked yes. Please enter me in the contest.

Tea said...

Great review, Mike. I will mark a yes on Amazon.

Marjorie said...

I clicked on yes for your review on amazon.
The Things we Cherished would be my book choice.
I follow you.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Sally Bibrary said...

I really like the sounds of this one, Mike - definitely gets a YES on Amazon from me.

Denise Z said...

Wow, I was hot to enter the giveaway opportunity for The Things We Cherished, but now I am chomping at the bit to read Killer Move. I am a greedy girl and both have me intrigued. I will be checking them out further. I absolutely enjoyed your review on amazon and definitely hit the like button and could not refrain from leaving a comment. I do follow you blog and enjoy receiving the updates and reading about what is going on. I am not a member of Shelfari, as I am already getting overwhelmed with facebook, blogs I follow, as well as twitter and just do not think I can put one more fun thing on my plate and be able to accomplish all I need to do in a day and still get a few hours of sleep LOL Thank you for the fun today and may the gods of random pick me for this treat :)


Kristi said...

I marked yes on your amazon review and would like to be part of this giveaway. I follow here and on Shelfari and would love to win either of the books! Thanks much!

kherbrand at comcast dot net

dollycas aka Lori said...

Oh, I would love to win this!!!

Please enter, clicked yes on a few of your reviews while I was there, lol

dollycas at hotmail dot com

new blog and new address!

Roshini said...

Awesome review, Mike! Glad to know you will be an author soon! I marked YES on Amazon. I follow you. The Things We Cherished is my first pick.


heather said...

I would love to be entered. Killer Move sounds like a book I would really enjoy :)

bookspersonally said...

breakneck pace + puzzle + intelligent... sounds like a great read!

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Went to Amazon and replied yes to your review
I'd love a chance at Killer Move
GFC- Lisa Richards
Shelfari-Lisa Richards
US resident


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Mary said...

This does sound good. Please enter me in the contest. I liked your review and clicked on yes on amazon for you.


kt said...

hi Mike, Thanks for mentioning this giveaway on my blog--I had noticed it and then forgot--by b-day was the 23rd so things were a bit hectic.

I did read your review on Amazon and marked yes, as I always find your reviews quite helpful and informative.

I'd, of course, like to win both books but in the spirit of fairness and community will specify that of the two, Killer Move appeals more than The Things We Cherished.

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower!

Julie S said...

Hey Mike :) Thanks for the giveaway. I said your review was helpful on amazon.

Sharon Henning said...

A very interesting review. The book sounds really good.

mike draper said...

congratulations to winners:
Mamabunny "The Things We Cherished'
Julie Cookies "Killer Move"

Thanks to everyone for participating and hope you'll keep trying.


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