Thursday, January 5, 2012

When you realize how perfect everything is, you'll tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." Buddah

The idea of a murder at a child's ride in an amusement park drew me to this story. I have an image of lively music and smiling faces at a family entertainment attraction. The idea of someone being murdered in this surrounding is intriguing.

Danny Boyle, age 24, is a part time summer employee on the police department and doesn't carry a weapon. He enjoys spending time hanging out at the beach and narrates the bizarre events.

Danny is with fellow officer, John Ceepak, a former MP who served in Iraq. A thirteen-year-old girl screams that her father has been murdered. She informs the officers that she and her father, sneaked into the amusement park and a man pulled a gun on her father and shot him. The events occur at the Tilt a-Whirl ride at an amusement park in Sea Haven, New Jersey.

Ceepak only took the job with the Sea Haven P.D. for the summer but being an MP in the army, knows more about crime investigation than his superiors. However, they ignore his opinions and advice.

Ceepak decides to have his own investigation and partners with Danny in this. The murdered man is Reginald Hart, a wealthy real estate tycoon.

Ceepak is in the image of the straight faced detective, Joe Friday, from TV and the movie, Dragnet. I imagine him with the same short hair. He's always one step ahead of the person he's interviewing and at any moment I expect to hear him deadpan, "Just the facts, mam."

The characters are interesting and purposely stereotypical in this witty crime spoof, from the uneducated, muscle bound criminal to the inept investigator who drops a McDonald's wrapper at the crime scene.

The writing style is reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen and as the reader realizes that this is a spoof, they can see how creative the author is.

Overall, "Tilt A Whirl" is a comic story that is easy to read and entertaining.


Jonathan Wilhoit said...

A comic mystery? Color me intrigued. Thanks for posting this, Mike. I'll have to remember it for later.

mike draper said...

Jonathan, You're so natural in your comments. It's like we were talking over a glass of beer during happy hour.
Thanks for stopping by.

Kay said...

This series is one of my favorites. I always look forward to joining in with Ceepak and Boyle. What a duo. Good to hear that it worked for you as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog and sending the email about the giveaway. I already own the Lippman book, but it looks like we have some reading interests in common. I'll stop by often.

Patricia said...

'Intrigued' seems to be the word of the day!! This book is definitely going on my TBR list!

Thank you for the review, Mike


Patricia said...

I looked on Amazon, but did not see a post from you - is it there?


Heather said...

Cool, a fun poke at what are supposed to be happy places.

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