Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound."

When a famous novelist in New England dies violently, family secrets begin to unravel.

Adam Blaine, had been estranged from his father, Benjamin. Now, after years apart, he returns to his father's funeral.

Soon after, Adam learns that his father had recently changed his will so that his home and most of his estate is to go to a young actress, Carla Pacelli. Jenny Leigh, a struggling writer also receives a large sum of money. However, Benjamin's wife - who is Adam's mother, Clarice, and Adam's brother, Teddy, who is gay, are left out of the will.

Adam is in a difficult position in that he is the executor of his father's will and to do justice to the estate, would do injustice to his mother and brother.

The action drags in the story. There were times when I felt like shouting to get on with the story. There doesn't seem to be an urgency to solve the mystery of did Benjamin fall from a cliff, or was he pushed, or was it suicide.

I also didn't find that the dialogue matched the characters as even fisherman spoke with a sophistication of college graduates.

I wanted to enjoy the story more but the plot proceeds at a level too slow to maintain suspense.

The author did have me curious to know what would happen at the end of the story so I rate it 2 1/2 stars moving up to 3 for keeping my interest.

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