Thursday, February 2, 2012

"One man's poison is another man's spinach" George Ade


Jane Whitefield has made her compassion for the less fortunate an advocation. She makes a living helping people disappear. In the past she has helped women trying to escape from abusive situations or from various people who were being hunted by killers.

James Shields was framed for his wife's murder and now the people who framed him want him dead. He's in prison but called to testify about a case. While awaiting his trip to the courthouse, Jane stages an escape.

However, she is caught by the people who want Shields dead. In attempting to escape from these people, Jane is shot and taken to a secluded place where they think they can force her to talk about what she knows.

Jane is able to withstand their punishment but at a terrible cost. She's told that other people who Jane deprived of their victims, want to get revenge against her. To do so, Jane will be put up for auction to the highest bidder.

The author has a wonderful talent for bringing to light the situations that some unfortunate people get into. He makes us feel sympathetic for these people who are being taken advantage of without having someone to turn to.

Compared to many of the central protagonists in thrillers today, Jane is unique for bringing her empathitic nature into a story. She's not a super hero but is able to put herself into the position of the current victim and use her skills to help alieviate the situation.

The pacing is fast and filled with excellent adventure as Jane does her best to save herself and the people she's helping avoid their deadly fate. She also shows her other side in wanting to finish the case and get back to her husband and maybe to start a family.

This is a very enjoyable story that shows the strength of one woman and what good things a person can do for others. It is a lesson for us all.

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Ethan said...

Is this an upcoming release? I've read quite a few Perry novels, but I haven't heard about this one. Sounds like this will definitely be on my TBR list!

karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this fabulous story :)

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