Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Crimes sometimes shock us too much; vices almost always too little." Augustus Hare

Two corporate bombings cause the Minnesota Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to call in Virgil Flowers to investigate.

There is animosity toward Pye Mart, a Wallmart type of corporation. Many people in Butternut Falls, Minnesota are bitter about. They fear that if the corporation moves in, it will cost many town residents their jobs and replace them with low paid employees. Others dislike the corporation because they feel it is adding pollutants to the water.

As the story unfolds, we have access into the mind and philosophy of the person setting the bombs. We don't know who he is but are told of his desire to beat the cops and the federal government.

Virgil is a somewhat nonchalant investigator. He brings up many discussions with the type of fishing equipment they use and compares it to his own. He is also humorous and easy to like.

The list of suspects is established and grown as Virgil, in his down home manner, attempts to find people who may have animosity toward Pye Mart or its owner, Willard Pye.

The many reasons that residents would dislike a major corporation coming to town is well described as is the people who would have benefited from it. This includes members of the town council who have passed an ordinance permitting the corporation to build without having popular support.

This is an enjoyable read, packed with colorful characters, and sure to entertain.


Marjorie/cenya2 said...

Sounds like an excellent mystery and thanks for the review.

Elizabeth said...

Hello, Mike.

Stopping by from Book Blogs.

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The Reading Reviewer said...

Unbelievable review Mike! I love John Sandford's book and your review makes me want it now.

Ethan said...

I'm reading the first novel in this series, at the moment. I've never read anything by Sandford before, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

Patricia said...

Great review, Mike!

Thank you!

mike draper said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments about my review. I appreciate our literaty friendship and your interest.

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