Monday, March 5, 2012

"I don't know if any body can second guess what they do on Capitol Hill." Montel Williams


Some fighters use a one two punch to win their matches.

In "Capitol Murder," Phillip Margolin delivers a well executed one, two, three pronged approach to his story.

First, we have convicted serial killer Clarence Little. He murders and mutilates young women. However, one of the cases where he was found guilty, shows faulty evidence and the case is overturned. Because of this, his other convictions must be reviewed.

Brad Miller, is an attorney who was active in overturning Little's conviction. He begins getting notes from Little about the manner in which he tortured his victims and the trophies he took after his murders.

Secondarily, there is a terrorist plot to blow up a professional football stadium while packed with fans watching a Monday night game of the week. Since this game is seen around the world, it would be a blow to the U.S. and demoralize the U.S. servicemen.

The final segment of the story has to do with Brad Miller who is currently working for Senator Jack Carson of Oregon. Carson's unusual sexual behavior comes to light and he does things to keep this a secret.

The story comes together well with some interesting plot twists. Brad Miller and P.I. Dana Cutler are likable characters who are entertaining.

The ending was a bit too convenient but the story still kept my attention right up to the action packed conclusion.

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Karen B said...

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Congratulations to Karen B. for winning the advanced copy edition of "Capitol Hill."

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