Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Grids do not exist in a vacuum. They exist in relation to their content." Linda Van Derusen

The mother-daughter writing team of P.J. Tracy brings us the latest installment of Grace MacBride and Monkeewrench Software.

Grace was attracted to the idea of going sailing with her friend, retired FBI agent John Smith. Grace is a partner in Monkeewrench Software and John has used their software so they became friends. However, she didn't anticipate being awakened by someone sneaking onto John's boat.

She grabbed her Sig Sauer and observed one of the intruders have a knife to John's throat and was about to kill him. After Grace killed the two invaders, she and John discover a photo of John in one of them men's belongings and realize that it wasn't a chance robbery. This was an assassination attempt.

Looking for answers, John admits to Grace that he was using the Monkeewrench software to monitor terrorist communications.

We follow the story as five young Native American girls are kidnapped by Somali gangs with the purpose of selling them as sex slaves. In this revelation, we also learn that there are antagonistic feelings between the Native Americans and Somali residents around the Minneapolis dockside.

There is quite a bit of patriotism in this story and through John's efforts it is learned that there is a massive terrorist plan to strike at different United States locations to have a major effect on the United States morale.

In the taut chaser to the finish, the Somalia's have place a Jihad on John and a large group of them chase John and the Monkeewrench employees to an American Indian reservation.

This is a successful thriller and the characters are unique and memorable. I had difficulty with the plot and felt that the ending was a bit too fortuitous.

The sub-plot of kidnapping the American Indian girls to be sold into sex slavery was a good message for the authors to bring out and made the American Indians more empathetic. I wish there was more detail about this part of the story.

Overall 3 1/2 stars moving to 4 for an action packed story that was exciting to read.

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