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Lt. Col. Michael Pearson is back and fans of Tom Young's novels will recall him from Young's other novels.

Afghanistan suffers from a 7.2 earthquake and U.S. Military are among the first responders. Pearson is a kind of military hero in that he wants to get the job done, make the United States look good and protect the people in his unit.

Pearson is in Afghanistan as an adviser to the Afghan Air Force. He's anxious to help the victims of the earthquake but even more anxious for his friend and associate Sgt. Major Sophia Gold to arrive. Besides her efficiency in the field, she's fluent in the Pushtu language.

When Gold finishes up some training in the United States and arrives in Afghanistan, she joins Pearson as they fly to Ghandaki, a village hard hit by the quake. With some specialized earth moving equipment, they are able to save a number of villagers who were buried in the rubble.

From the distance, members of a renegade Taliban group observe the actions of the Westerners at Ghandaki. The leader of the group is a ruthless and after the Westerners leave, the Taliban goes through the village and murders those who conspired with the Americans. They also kidnap a number of young children who they intend to brainwash into becoming Taliban members and martyrs.

The unique aspect of Young's novels is that he combines the political reasons for going after the Taliban and he discloses why so many Afghan people dislike the Americans. This is set in an action filled adventure.

The characters are an overall believable group with Pearson and Gold being familiar to Young's readers. A glossary of terms would help, since the extensive use of military abbreviations left me wondering what was being discussed. Even so, this is a most enjoyable book and an easy read.

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