Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A story of the west and a brave protagonist

Kevin Kerney is approached by his old friend and fellow officer, Terry Yazzi, to help find Terry's son, Sammy. Kevin is Sammy's god-father but Kevin has no love for Terry. Terry's problem with alcohol is the reason why Kerney had no backup on a criminal apprehension case. As a result, Kerney was shot and had to take a disability retirement from the Santa Fe Police Department.

Kerney accepts the case for Sammy's sake. He learns that Sammy was stationed at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

Kerney knows that the military brass at the missile range won't reveal anything to a civilian. He needs more authority. So he visits another friend, Sheriff Andy Baca. Learning the situation, Andy assigns Kerney as a temporary lieutenant. This way he'll have more authority in the investigation.

There is also a romantic side to the story that shows more of the human side of Kerney and helps develop him as a character. He meets with Captain Sara Brannon, the military investigation officer and soon they both decide to work this case together.

Kerney travels through the mountain trails in spite of his injury. He and Sara discover something that adds to the interest of the story.  The area in which Sammy disappeared is rich in Indian and U.S. Cavalry history and something is found that relates to the investigation.

The story is well told and includes colorful characters. There are a number of surprises along the way and we also learn facts about the history between American Indians and the U.S. Cavalry.

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