Thursday, December 13, 2012

In an original story that captures the reader's attention from the start, we see a situation in Ireland just before President Kennedy is scheduled for a visit.

Kennedy is returning to the land of his ancestors but a German man is murdered and on his corpse there is a note for Otto Skorenzy, a German with a bad reputation during WWII. The note tells Skorenzy "We are coming for you."

This is the third foreigner to be killed within a few days in Ireland and Lt. Albert Ryan of the Directorate of Intelligence is asked to investigate. Officials don't want the world to know that the three men killed were Nazis who were granted asylum by the Irish government after WWII.

The action is intense and the author's writing style brings the reader close to the action.

Ryan seems like the Everyman of the story-a good man, just trying to do his job. Otto Skorenzy, true to his reputation as Hitler's favorite commando, is a ruthless person, easy to dislike. There is also a Mossad agent and other sinister characters ready to kill at a moment. Officials become more and more nervous that Kennedy might call off his trip and they'll do almost anything to whitewash the situation.

I found the story to be original and interesting. Ryan is a refreshingly human character with flaws and strengths that are admirable.

Readers who pick up this book won't be disappointed.

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