Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Nostalgic Noir Mystery

Philip Marlowe is a middle class PI who marries a millionaires daughter and moves to Poodle Springs and the world of the wealthy.

Marlowe wants his life to be as much the same as possible so gets an office in the middle class part of town and immediate gets a client who wants his health in a life or death situation. The man tells Marlowe that a man signed a note for a great deal of money and now can't be found.

It's a clash of cultures as Marlowe and his new wife, Linda, try hard to make their marriage work.

Marlowe introduces himself to the local police department and gets to work,  Linda would rather be at the country club but gives in to her husbands desires.

Soon Marlowe is involved in murder, lies, bigamists and gamblers. It's a world he's seen before but now, some of the participants are the wealthy, the friends of Linda's rich father.

This story grabs the reader's emotions. It's a story of life, of regular folk mixing with the wealthy and wondering who had a better life. Marlowe is an excellent character who carries the story.


Man of la Book said...

If anything, I love the noir covers.


Michael Draper said...

I agree, I could set up my library with covers like this to the front.
Thanks for stopping by.

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