Monday, July 1, 2013

Be careful when you pick your target

In a novel loaded with political intrigue, lost love, political ambition and revenge, Dewey Andreas has done his job so well that he becomes the target for assassination.

Dewey helps uncover Chinese intelligence's highest level asset in Israel's Mossad. The spy also has done damage to US and Great Briton. With Dewey revealing the man's name, Chinese authorities want to retaliate.

Fao Bhang is the head of China's state security and places an immediate kill order on Andreas.

Dewey is engaged to Jessica Tanzer a top state official. They are in Cordoba when the plan to target Dewey goes into action.  Unfortunately for the killers, they don't succeed in their goal.

This is a wonderful novel with many twists and surprises and is packed with suspense. The reader's attention is grabbed and held on to from the beginning. I enjoy Dewey as a character. 

Highly recommended.


Man of la Book said...

I read several novels which take place in China (like this one, most of them are political/corporate intrigue).

Michael Draper said...

As long as they also have a good story, right?

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