Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Never go back", an excellent thriller.

I'm an avid Lee Child fan and was delighted to have the opportunity to review his latest Jack Reacher novel, "Never Go Back."

In this engaging thriller, Jack Reacher returns to his old unit from the snows of South Dakota to the 110th MP Special Unit in the Washington, D.C. area.

Things aren't what he expected. The commanding officer he wanted to see is in jail and there are charges against Reacher from when he was on active duty. Also, because of the current military situation, he's ordered back to active duty in order to face military charges.

The central story focuses on Jack proving these charges are wrong and getting the prior unit commander out of the difficulty she was in. Since there are members of her unit recently deployed to Afghanistan, Jack considers if any of her difficulties might relate to there with everything that goes with military downsizing.

The substance of the story still rests in Jack's ability to get out of difficult situations with his strength, bravery and knowledge of how things work and what is wrong with a current theory.

The descriptions of the land are entertaining as Jack and the former commander of the 110th have to avoid those chasing them including members of a moonshiner's family who they run into along the way.

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Paul Draker said...

Hi Michael,

I was reading your book reviews on Amazon, and smiled in agreement at a lot of your comments. We love a lot of the same books,
and even more telling, dislike a lot of the same ones, too--Reacher's
Nothing to Lose and A Wanted Man definitely weren't up to the high bar
Child's other books set. But from Faye's Gods of Gotham, to your ratings
on Karin Slaughter's various Grant County outings, I found myself nodding
at your ratings. But what really made me grin was your reviews of John
Connolly's dark, atmospheric Charlie Parker books--probably my favorite
series out there, although his recent entries haven't lived up to the earlier

All this led me to your blog, of course.

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Paul Draker
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