Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"You light up my life" Song lyrics

James Lee Burke is one of my favorite authors and "Light of the World" is one of his finest books. The story takes the reader to the Montana countryside where Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell are vacationing.

Dave's daughter, Alafair,  is jogging on a mountain path when someone shoots and arrow that barely misses her. Other events happen which lead Dave to believe that
Alafair's life might be in danger.

Alafair is a writer who had interviewed mass murderer, Asa Surrette, when he was in prison. She wanted him to admit other crimes and lessen the grief of these other families who were Surrette's victims.

Clete's daughter, Gretchen, takes offense at a sexist comment made by a local cop and the consequences are severe.

Gretchen was filming a documentary about land use in Montana and those wanting to spoil it for their own personal riches.

Another character we meet is a brave man who works at a rodeo. He tangles with a wealthy family, the Youngers and the repercussions are elegantly described.

The setting is beautifully described with the mountain rivers and the land seen in its most lovely manner.  James Lee Burke also displays his characters in a way in which the reader gets to know them and for the reader to feel as if they are part of the action.

Highly recommended and in my opinion, a candidate for literary awards.


Heather said...

Even though Mr. Burke has written a bunch of amazing sounding books, somehow I have missed reading any of them. Am going to check my dad's books shelf today and see if he has any of them. I'm sure I saw some at his house, but they might have been library books. Thanks for reminding me that I have wanted to read something by this author.

Michael Draper said...

He's a terrific writer and keeps getting better.
I bet your dad has an excellent library. I'd like to see it some day.

Mak RJ said...
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Mak RJ said...

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skkorman said...

I've loved the work of James Lee Burke for decades—thanks for the review of his latest, Mike!


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