Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ah, don't let the rain fall down.

Dave Robicheaux is a lieutenant in the New Orleans P.D. One day while Dave is fishing, he discovers a young black girl's body.

He attempts to get the local police to investigate and do an autopsy but in those days in Louisiana, spending time in this manner, with the body of a negro,  is not a priority for the local police.

Dave decides to follow up on his own and in so doing is warned by a man he helped in the past. He tells Dave that there is a hit put on Dave's life.

The story goes through the complexities of Dave's life, from being a Vietnam vet, to his alcoholism.

He learns that the gang responsible for the hit, deals with drugs and prostitutes and then Dave meets a young agent from the Bureau of Drugs and Alcohol to track down and arrest the gang leader. However, a frame is set up where Dave is forced to drink alcohol and his friend is in a car with him when the gang pushes it off the road, killing Dave's friend and making it look like he fell off the wagon.

James Lee Burke writes in a lyrical manner and sets the tone for his philosophy of protecting the poor and defenseless. Clete Purcel is Dave's partner and shows a glimmer of his humor and loyalty.

"The Neon Rain" is a wonderful start to an excellent series.

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