Sunday, February 23, 2014

Suspenseful and intense

I've been a fan of Michael Connelly for years and with "The Gods of Guilt" the reader sees one more demonstration of Michael Connelly's talent and story telling ability.

The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller gets a call about a murder and discovers that the victim was a prostitute who he had helped in the past. He thought he had helped her change her life. He feels let down and learns that the man accused of killing the prostitute, Gloria Dayton, had been referred to Mickey from Gloria. She told him that if was ever in a jam, Haller was the best.

Mickey learns that Gloria had been a DEA informant and when Mickey receives a subpoena he becomes aware that Gloria might have been dealing with a crocked DEA agent who may have used her to set up a drug dealer so the man got a longer sentence. Since Gloria had knowledge of the case against the drug dealer, Mickey thinks that may have led to her murder and by linking the two cases, Mickey might free two men who were set up.

As Mickey and his team is investigating the situation where Gloria set up the drug dealer, he isn't aware that he is placing himself and his staff in danger.

Connelly draws his characters with finesse, giving enough background for the reader to become interested in the character and in seeing their lives as real figures not just names on a page.

Mickey isn't perfect and this gives the reader a reason to be in his corner and pull for him. One of his failures is that sometimes he treats other characters in a disdainful manner. He is a bottom line person who looks at the final results and sometimes misses being a better man.

The courtroom scenes are well portrayed and realistic. I also enjoyed the conclusion and know that if I ever was in need of an attorney, I'd like to have Mickey Haller in my corner.


Kelly said...

This is another author I've not read, but heard good things about.

Michael Draper said...

Kelly, I think Connelly is just about the most respected mystery novelist out there. If you haven't read his books, start with his first two "Black Ice" and "Black Echo"


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