Friday, February 7, 2014

Tasty mystery with excellent desert


This is a delightful novel with interesting characters and tasty recipes.
Haley Snow is a food critic for a magazine in Key West. She's also busy as the maid of honor for her best friend, Connie. Connie has been close to Haley's family for years and most of Haley's family is coming to Florida for the wedding.

As the story opens, Haley is busy preparing a desert for the wedding. She learns that her stepbrother is also coming to the wedding. Rory is a moody teenager who complains about everything.

At the rehearsal dinner, Rory is bored and wants to visit the city by himself. Haley persuades Rory's mother and step-father to allow him to go. It's spring break so there are many college students in town. Rory is given permission as long as he's home at a reasonable hour.

With Haley busy with wedding preparations for Connie, it seems like everything is going well but Rory doesn't come home. Police are called and Haley joins the search for Rory without success. Further inquiries show that Rory was last seen on a stolen jet ski with a young girl.

The scenic story is set in Key West with Haley living on a houseboat. She enjoys cooking and the author shares some of the recipes of her specialties such as strawberry cream pie with graham cracker crust, and  Spanakopita. Both meals are heartily enjoyed by those lucky enough to taste it.  Enjoying the food and the various restaurants Haley is reviewing lessens the tensions existing with Rory and a development in the marriage of Connie and her fiance.

Haley is a delightful character who is described so well that the reader will think they know her and are at the scene of some of her culinary feasts.

The story moves along nicely with a good mixture of action, scene setting and imaginative food breaks. It is a story the reader will remember

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Kelly said...

This sounds like a fun, light read.

Michael Draper said...

Absolutely and I'm sure people who enjoy cooking will get a kick out of the recipes she adds.

julie barrett said...

Love books with recipes, makes me feel like I won a prize. Sounds like an interesting read, thanks for stopping by to view my book giveaways at my book review blog.


Michael Draper said...

Julie, I think you'd enjoy this one, it makes you feel that you are right there in Key West and part of the action.

Tracy Terry said...

This sounds like a fun read and I love the cover. Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.

skkorman said...

Thanks so much for another great review & giveaway, Mike—I love books like this!

Hope you're doing well!

akkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

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