Friday, June 13, 2014

Justice Prevailed

Dani Mueller legally changed her name and relocated to Austin after her daughter was murdered and the man accused of the murder was acquitted. When the body of the accused man was found beaten to death, the man's family figured that Dani was the killer. They began harassing and stalking her. It became so hard to bear so she thought it would be better to start a new life in Austin.

She works as a crime scene investigator for the city of Austin, Police Department. When she attends the trial of a man accused of killing a little girl about the same age as Dani's daughter, she sees this man also acquitted. Dani decides to provide her own justice but someone beats him to it.

Det. Jason Scarsdale of the Austin, PD is dealing with his own tragedy. He lost his wife recently and decides there is nothing to live for. Then he realizes what a special person his five-year-old daughter, Shannon, is.

He becomes involved in investigating two murders and comes into contact with Dani at work. She provides good assistance.

Dani meets Shannon at the take your child to work day. They each fill a void in the other's eyes, Dani, for her daughter and Shannon for her deceased mother.

Jason and Dani are good characters. They are sympathetic and make the reader interested in their lives and predicaments. The evil characters are truly evil and are active in a child pedophile group and selling child pornography. We follow their trail and want them to be punished. This is the stuff of a very good mystery.

With a number of surprises, good characters, and a suspenseful story, what else could mystery lovers want?

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.

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