Sunday, June 8, 2014

Newport, the setting for a murder

"Murder in Newport" is another fun read by the author of "Murder in Mystic."

Liz Adams and her husband, Garret, decide on a vacation in Newport. They dock next to a luxury yacht, Party Girl.

Garret is looking at the Party Girl when he's startled to see Rebecca, his first love. She disappeared from his life nearly thirty years ago.

Even though he's been happily married to Liz for twenty-seven years, Rebecca still holds a place in his heart. After confirming that it is Rebecca, he manages an invitation to board the Party Girl.  They meet Rebecca's daughter, Jessica who is in her late twenties. They also meet Howard Boswell, a wealthy autocrat, Rebecca's husband.

Eventually there is a murder and the fun begins. Garret is a suspect and Liz sets out to find the real killer. As she sneaks onto the Party Girl and has to hide in a small compartment, she reminded me of a young Lucille Ball.

I enjoy the series and find Liz Adams to be an entertaining character. The author, Marilyn Della Valle has done her homework in describing Newport, with notable places like Bowen's Wharf and the Black Pearl restaurant visited by Liz and Garret. It's easy to close my eyes and imagine I'm in the crowd and watching the action unfold.

I received a free book for an honest review and the views are my own.

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