Sunday, November 30, 2014

A story that's more than worthy

Phillip Margolin is one of those special authors who, when a reader picks up their book, they know they are in for an entertaining experience.

I was sent this book from Amazon vine, in return for my review and I couldn't be happier that I picked this book.

The time is 1860 and Oregon is really beginning to grow.  Matthew Penny and his wife decide to move west from Ohio and travel by wagon train. However, Matthew losses his wife when a wagon is swept down a river crossing.

With this burden behind him, he moves to Phoenix, Oregon where he's appointed to defend a man accused of theft.  When he wins the case, another man approaches him and tells him that this man has information that Matthew can use to win another case he was preparing for.  All this man wants is the promise from Matthew that if the information helps, Matthew would promise to return the favor. (For just a bit, it seems like the devil in Damn Yankees).

Matthew wins the new case and what the man wants is Matthew's help in getting his daughter who is being kept as a slave by a wealthy but unscrupulous man.

It's difficult not to give away plot but the story moves along swiftly. The characters are vividly drawn as is the setting of the early days of Portland, Oregon. We see such things as the first steam locomotive in that part of the country.

This is one of the best books I've read this year. My heart was beating faster and faster as I approached the conclusion. High Recommendation!


Carol N Wong said...

Great review makes me want to read it. I have won some old audio tapes of books by him so I am relieved. I hadn't read anything by him before.

Thank you!

skkorman said...

Sounds like a wonderful read—thanks for the review, Mike!

Sheila K.

Michael Draper said...

Thanks Carol and Sheila. I'm glad my good feelings about this book came through. I really enjoyed it and recommend it.


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