Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas giving

Walt Longmire is listening to Christmas music and getting ready for a quiet Christmas when he has an unexpected guest.

The woman appears to know Walt and asks about his predecessor, Sheriff Lucian Connally.

Walt tells the girl that he has been the sheriff in Absaroka County for almost a quarter of a century and that former Sheriff Connally is a resident at Durant Home for Assisted Living.

When the girl asks where it is, Walt takes her there since he was going to visit Lucian anyway.  When she sees Lucian, he doesn't remember her and then she whispers "Steamboat," and the story comes back.

In 1988 there was a terrible car accident with only one survivor, a young girl who was flown from the accident scene by a lifestar helicopter. However, she needed more medical care immediately and there was a raging storm with most of the roads closed.

Walt get Lucian away from a card game and they find an old B-25 airplane at the local airport. It's the only plane that could make it trough the storm to medical facility near the Stapleton - Salt Lake airport.

A crew of brave people, including Walt, Lucian, a co-pilot and medical officer brave the storm and icy conditions to get the girl to the medical hospital and save her life.

There is good drama in this novella. Craig Johnson details the heroic actions as the crew makes its way.

An enjoyable story with good descriptions as we get to know the whiskey soaked Lucian Connally and learn of Walt's wife and young daughter at home.

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DMS said...

This sounds like an interesting read. I haven't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing. :)

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