Friday, February 20, 2015

Redemption Key, a good place to avoid

I hadn't read the previous books by S.G. Redling and was surprised with the action and the predicament that the protagonist, Dani Britton, found herself in.

Dani is attempting to get away from a past where she was almost killed by an assassin.

Now, she is in a little fishing camp, village in Florida, Redemption Key.
What exactly happened in her past left me a bit confused. However, this story moves swiftly with a wide array of characters. Most of those characters aren't very likable but the mixture of the group in this out of the way bar and cabin area is interesting and the setting is picturesque.

Dani gets involved in another nerve catching event. She's appreciated by the bar owner but something is going down and the owner wants Dani to be his extra set of eyes and ears.

The plot is basic and the reader attempts to determine what crime is being planned but then the author proves her imaginative skills and packs a conclusion that will have the reader shaking their head and rereading the last segment of the story to be sure they understood what was happening and what was going to occur.

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