Monday, February 9, 2015

She's a devil in disguise

"The Devil's Redhead" will entertain readers by the unusual actions of the protagonist.

Danny Abatangelo is a freelance photographer and also a smuggler. He has an entire crew bringing in drugs to the west coast area.

One night he is celebrating in Las Vegas and meets Shel Beaudre a redheaded card dealer with a magnetic personality. The two hit if off immediately and eventually end up back at the west coast. He explains his life to Shel but promises yes for marijuana but no to guns or gangsters.

On what was to be his last run, he gets caught and when he won't give up his crew, he's sentenced to ten years. Agents still try to get him to turn on his partner and use Danny's sick mother as a promise to see her if he'd rat on his friend but Danny is true to his friends so does the entire ten years.

Shel seemed so terrific but she gets out of prison after five years and eventually meets another man, Frank Maas. Frank is a needy person and is into drugs and robbery. He suffers a tragedy about his former wife and child and Shel feels that Frank relies on her and she can't see past him.

The first part of the story is interesting and suspenseful. Part two deals with Frank working with a group of Mexicans against a biker gang.  Frank is in the middle of this and when Danny arrives to rescue Shel, the Mexicans want to use her as a hostage.

Danny is an ethical man and his unfulfilled love makes a good story line. The warfare between the Mexicans and the biker and his gang is a bit of a stretch.

All and all, a story with action and suspense that provides a good read.

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skkorman said...

Thanks for another great review—Mike! I've never read anything by this author but this book sounds like it might be fun!

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