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Hard Work Breaks No Bones English saying

In this contemporary novel, Kathy Reichs places Dr. Tempe Brennan in a number of suspenseful and interesting situations.

Tempe is approached by Hazel "Lucky" Strike. She's an amateur detective and matches unidentified bodies with people who have gone missing. She's a member of a group called Websleuth.where people compete to solve cold cases.

Lucky plays a tape for Tempe where a woman appears to have recorded her own murder. Further, Lucky is positive that the voice is of a missing eighteen-year-old girl, Cora Teague. Cora went missing a number of years ago and Lucky believes that Teague's bones are being held by Dr. Brennan's office, under unidentified subjects.

Although doubtful, Dr. Brennan contacts Det. Zeb Ramsey from the town where Teague's family lives. They work together in investigating the facts.

There are two interesting subplots to the story, in one, Tempe's on again off again boyfriend, Lt. Det Andrew Ryan from Canada, asks her to marry him. Tempe has to make a decision and facts from her past come into play.

In the other subplot, Brennan's mother is in a nearby health facility with cancer. She is lonely and wants attention. Brennan visits her mother and then her mother asks about the case and wants to help via her computer.

As Brennan looks into similar cases, it's gripping to so many people whose bones have been found but the are not identified.

Cora Teague was a member of a fundamentalist church. Her family refuse to help and tell Brennan that their daughter ran away with her boyfriend. The pastor of their church stands in the way of any investigation. Tempe and Ramsey have difficulty understanding why there is this reluctance to help as the group conveys utterances of lost souls and evilness.

Not to reveal plot, but the reader follows the story as suspense and tension increase. There are several surprises along the way.

The story focuses on relationships, faith and Dr. Brennan's persistence in learning the truth.

I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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Thanks for the review, Mike—I'm glad you liked the book! Reichs always is on my "must-read" list!

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